At Lumina we offer only the best product line to date. Spanish skincare brand Skeyndor offers a solution in the form of “corrective treatment”.    Our product lines can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté which are clearly our best features forward. Our product range includes corrective instant wrinkle filler cream, eye expression line eraser, serum, instant lip contour refill which have tissue densifiers & skin-lifting agents that takes years off  your face.  Hydrated, infused, re-plumped & rejuvenated to an optimal level. Who says aging gracefully cannot be reversed gradually? The Skeyndor range is such a phenomenal global success in proving that it is quite possibly so.

URBAN WHITE – Urban white facial is a revolutionary approach to skin lightening. Following the peeling process of the derma peel facial it helps to not only reduce pigmentation on the surface but to re-educate the melanin producing cells in the lower layers to prevent recurrence.
This treatment helps accelerate the renewal of the outer layer of the skin. Ideal to alleviate expression lines, blemishes, pigmentation, small scars and acne marks achieving noticeable results from the first session.  Result is a brighter, fairer & an even out skin tone.

CORRECTIVE – It is a revolutionary anti-ageing concoct of elements such as peptide messenger, hyaluronic acid & pearl highly recommended for women 40 years and older.  It mainly targets wrinkles & deep-seated expression lines. As we age, our skin tends to become thinner, drier and dull. Coupled with free radicals, stress & sun damage, chemicals, cosmetics, lack of sleep, smoking, our facial skin are ravaged day in & day out with all these harmful factors.